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Welcome to WSSDO, Ramechhap

 Ramechhap District ,a part of Janakpur Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal,  with Manthali as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,546 km² and has a population (2011) of 202,646 and a density of 137.4 per km2. The district has the highest population of endangered native group Kusunda and has the lowest population growth rate in Nepal. As of census data 2011, 43910 household are recorded in the distrtict among which 79.48%(34902) are connected with the piped water, which is mainly in the north and middle part of the district. The district is one of the least develped district. All the VDCs in the district are connected with telephone. The district two part part North and Middle part where , plenty of water sources is observed , whereas in the southern part big river sunkhoshi is following , on the lap of the river there is acute shortage of water. Due to lack of acute infrastructure failities big pressure of migrating rural people towards Manthali and surrounding area is created. Safe and reliable water facilites in the rural area will be one of the prominent factor to reduce this train and distress of the people .Hence here only the supply of water for drinking isn't considered but also ti is taken as a main input of livelihood improvement. 

 According to the data at mid of 2014, only 86.03% of the total population of ramechhap district had access to water supply services and 62.79% of sanitation coverage.  The major organizations working in Ramechhap district in the sector of water supply are Water supply and sewerage division office, District Development committee, District Technical Office, Tamakosi Sewa Samiti, UNICEF, Community Development Society, Creative Youth Society and other local communities.
Among all running water supply projects,1079 schemes have been completed, out of which 261 projects are in well circulated  and 132 can be run with minor maintenance and 549 are in need of major maintenance, 72 need further extension and maintenance ,62 need reconstruction and 3 can be re operated .